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Aloha Pathways Online is a program that allows qualifying students to obtain a fully online Social Sciences degree from University of Hawaii at Mānoa (UHM).

A first year student completes lower division courses online through our partner, University of Hawai‘i Leeward Community College. Qualifying students can have dual admissions and dual enrollment with UHM through the UH Kaʻieʻie Program.

Typically the first two years of credits are earned fully online through our partner institution, Leeward Community College, followed by the major degree credits earned fully online through UHM. Each situation is unique, and our concierge advising team will get you started on your first steps in the Aloha Pathways Online degree program! Upon admission, each student will receive a personalized review of completed coursework to create an individualized progression plan for program completion including general education requirements.

Earning your degree online enables you to pursue your goals without having to put your life on hold. Learn when and where you want, at a time that meets your schedule!

Aloha Pathways Online is a brand new program that is growing quickly! New partner schools and degrees are being added at a rapid pace, so check back frequently for updated information.

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