Get a running start – earn college credit and gain admission into the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa today!


Mānoa Academy students will explore new horizons through rigorous academic classes, interaction with motivated peers, and transformational experiences.

Benefits of Mānoa Academy

Mānoa Academy students will develop their critical thinking skills, as well as develop time management skills and a strong work ethic. Participation in Mānoa Academy also increases students’ confidence that they are ready to pursue a degree in higher education.

Top 5 benefits identified by Academy students:

  1. Reduced cost
  2. Feel more prepared
  3. Faster college graduation
  4. Eased the stress of college applications
  5. More certain of major

Additional highlighted program benefits:

  • Provisional admission to UH Mānoa – you will not need to reapply to UH Mānoa
  • Dual credits to apply toward your high school requirements and college degree*
  • Tuition deposit waiver ($200 value)
  • Priority registration status during your initial freshman term at UH Mānoa
  • Opportunities with civic engagement and service-learning programs
  • Priority eligibility for Mānoa Academy Abroad experiences

*Excludes Mānoa Academy Abroad experience.

Know Before You Apply

Early College is not for everyone. While there are many benefits to participating in this program, students must be willing to put in the necessary time and commitment to successfully completing their coursework. Academy students are expected to be engaged, proactive, responsible, and ready to be challenged.

Although participants are still enrolled in high school, Mānoa Academy courses are college-level courses. Academy students will be held to the same standard as our full-time UHM students. The grade a student earns in an Academy course will be permanently recorded on their UHM transcript.

A student who fails to earn a grade of C or higher may be removed from Mānoa Academy at the Academy’s discretion. Once removed, the student must reapply for the Academy and/or admission to UHM and pay the application fee. Failure to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA for Mānoa Academy classes will result in the student being ineligible for financial aid upon enrollment at UHM as a freshman.

Students who do not successfully complete the dual credit course(s) they are enrolled in may not meet their high school graduation requirements and are encouraged to work with the appropriate counselor at their high school.

FERPA Policy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (also known as the Buckley Amendment) establishes guidelines for maintaining the confidentiality of education records and monitoring the release of information from those records. Education records are those directly related to a student and maintained by the university; these include grades, coursework, records indicating progress toward a degree, and student financial account records.

All FERPA rights belong to the student once they begin attending the university. Information may be released only at the student's specific written request. An exception is directory information, which may be released at any time unless a student has requested that it be withheld.

UH Mānoa must comply with federal regulations in regard to student privacy. Unless a student gives express written permission, we are unable to release personal, disciplinary, or academic information. Refer to Policies for more information on FERPA.

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